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Health Specialists is proud to offer a variety of benefits to our Nurses. Including but not limited to Health Insurance, 401K plans, Referral & Extension bonuses, and more! 

Common Questions

1. What are the requirements for becoming a traveling nurse?
The minimum experience is 1 year as an RN. To get started, Health Specialists requests a current resume, 2 references from supervisors, and a skills checklist.

2. What is the typical assignment length?
Only 13 weeks! If you love it, most facilities will offer an extension. If it’s not your cup of tea, we have lots of different opportunities in a variety of locations.

3. Can I bring family members, friends, or pets with me when I travel?
Yes! Sharing your traveling adventures with loved ones is a great way to explore a new city or area of the country. Be sure to let your recruiter know for appropriate accommodations to be made.

4. Will Health Specialists pay for my housing?
Health Specialists is happy to provide a stipend to our travelers to choose their own housing. 

5. What are the tax advantages?
Being a traveler has tax benefits! Your travel, meals and incidentals, and lodging are considered reimbursements and are non-taxable. Rates based on the GSA guidelines. 

Why Travel?

"Health Specialists has given me an opportunity for growth in every aspect of my life. The uniqueness of each assignment offers educational growth while also giving me financial freedom. My recruiter is always available to me and sends me perks like; gas cards, movie tickets and great bonuses. So if you are burned out or unhappy with your current situation give Health Specialists a try it will change your life. It changed mine!"

Dee Ann F. 


"I wanted everything taken care of for me, and all I wanted to do was unpack my suitcase and that’s all I did. The housing is awesome. Everything is furnished for me, including dishes and towels. All I had to do was move in. They paid my flight here, and are giving me a car allowance. I have free furnished housing, utilities, car allowance and on top of all of that, the pay is great. My recruiter is wonderful, very personable and seems to think of the little things that make my home away from home homier. And, even more important, I faxed my time slip Monday morning, and the deposit was there Thursday morning. No Problems!! Don’t know about you, but to me this is a Travel Nurse Heaven!"

Donna W.


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